I wish to express my amazement at the service your company provides and to thank you and your staff for fixing my William Joseph fishing pack.  The service time was excellent and the repairs perfect and I am bewildered as to how you were able to accomplish such a feat.  This fishing pack is my first William Joseph product and I assure you it will not be my last.  Your products are great, but it is the service that truly separates you from the rest.  Of course I will encourage my fishing buddies to look into your products as I regale them with the story of your warranty and service.


If you wish to have me write a testimonial for your product or service please allow me to do so.  Your brilliant customer service needs to be recognized.

My father always said: “Buy the best you can afford.”  Your products are well thought out and designed and definitely worth saving for.

With much gratitude and Aloha,