Lucas Carroll

My Last Trib Season-Lucas Carroll

Snow Fishing

It’s official… this Spring my family will be moving west to Northern California, so this is my last official GL tributary season.  I’m going to love fishing in the west (I’ve been dreaming of it since I started fly fishing), but I will greatly miss my close friends I have made here in Western NY, and of course the fishing.

William Joseph Jacket

Also official… I am currently filming a winter based fly fishing short movie.  I’ve been working with a very talented filmmaker and musician named Adam Kryder.  Check out our new website for more info!


This winter has been season number two with my William Joseph WST waders, Squall Jacket, and Current chest pack.  This setup remains bomb proof, efficient, and comfortable, even after a two-year beating.  We have had a mild winter this season so far, but the coldest days were still no match for Willy J.


Finally, I had the pleasure of fishing with Matt Smythe a few times this winter.  He put up a nice review of the Exodus pack a while back, and it was great photographing him and the pack on one of the craziest winter days we had all season.

Exodus Vest


Summer Update from Western NY

Normally I would have a ton of brown trout on dry fly photos to share, but the Spring rains messed everything up. We had record rainfall in upstate NY for the first two months of Spring which resulted in high flows, and very few rising fish. The streamer fishing was pretty good, but after a long off-season I’ve grown accustomed to fishing on the surface.

So I put trout aside and focused on bass, which thankfully Western NY has plenty of. For most of the late Spring and early Summer I fished for largemouth and smallmouth, and I tried my best to get them on topwater flies. I discovered a ton of new water, and even some urban spots that are close to home, which is always nice to save on gas. It was a different season this year, but sometimes it’s good to change things up. My William Joseph Surge and Wader Bag were with me on every adventure and really made the trips a lot easier.

Finally the coldwater creeks are back in their normal summer flows, and the fish seem to be happily rising again, so it should be good surface activity for the rest of the summer. I’m really looking forward to dry flyin for trout, but I have a feeling I’ll be throwing in a couple bass trips!

Western NY Winter Report and the WST by Lucas Carroll

This has been a long and cold winter, but the tributary fishing made it bearable. We managed one or two fish each time out, a mixture of drop back brown trout and steelhead that came in last fall. We stuck to swinging small sparse spey flies low and slow, as that seemed to be the ticket.

It was perfect timing when my pair of William Joseph WST (wader safety technology) waders came in for this winter season. It sure made fishing during those single digit mornings a lot safer.

If you don’t know, the WST waders have an inflatable bladder around the chest. This will inflate instantly with a CO2 cartridge to seal out water and keep you floating if you take a spill. I gave it a test run in my house before heading out just to get a feel for the pull cord and it worked perfectly. The bonus is the waders (besides the safety) are really nice… Gravel guards, lined handwarmer pocket, waterproof chest pocket, and a comfortable fit.

If you ever fish in the cold, or on big water, you should own these. Check out the WST before your next trip!