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Brent Dawson

We want to thank Brent Dawson for being such an active member of our Willy J Pro staff. His energy and personality is a great addition to the Willy J team. Below is a bio and a list of questions he kindly answered for us. Enjoy.

Business Name: (Warpath Flys)
Number of days fished last year: I fish so damn many days I am shocked my sexy wife hasn’t booted my ass to the curb and cast divorce papers at me.
Favorite fishing location: My ultimate best location so far that is coolest for me is outer Mongolia by far. The culture and landscape will drop you to your knees and the fish are raptors on crack and the best organic high that can be imagined.
Favorite fly and why: My favorite fly is my own Patriot american flag fly as it represents my unique American pride, culture, and creativeness.
What Willy J products do you wear: I like to use the whole Willie J product line as it fits my fishing style and the performance is beyond my expectations. Hey it is not often that a man like myself can put months on a pair of waders and still have them NOT leak. I have slid down the nastiest rocks of Mongolia and caught the most brutal rusted barbed wire in my waders and packs by Willie J and nothing but surface scratches.
What is one item you never head to the river without?: I would never head to the river without my willie J pack as it holds my goodies that get me through very tough times when out on the water
Favorite music to take along: If I go anywhere fishing the best music for me is hard rock like the group “Distubed” as it reflects me and my ADHD personality. You could say Im like a rabid ferret on crack and it helps me chase and rip lips better for sure.
Your most memorable day of fishing: most memorable fishing day was with buddies Mikey Wier and Jeff Currier in Outer Mongolia when we all caught giant Taimen together in the most remote killer canyon system.
Facts Fishing is the next best thing next to sex for sure and getting that epic grab from a big trophy fish is the most killer rush for mind and body. Either way to each of these points is WOW!
Catch you are most proud of: My most proud catch is my wife Shonna and the second would be my Mako shark I landed with my buddy Capatain Conway Bowman.
Other hobbies: My other hobbies are fly tying, teaching fly tying and fishing, sky diving, and bowling with my wife.

Gear Review- Willy J Eddy

Over the past couple years fly gear companies have listened to anglers requests and begun offering waterproof or highly water resistant gear items.  This of course makes sense as fly fishing is a water sport and it’s also not uncommon to brave a storm or two while out.  As more anglers are carrying expensive camera gear on trips it’s essential to have dry spaces to protect their electronics.

One of the benefits of being a William Joseph Ambassador is that I get a few pieces of gear each year to run through the paces.  Lately I’ve been using the Eddy, which is one of the smaller gear bags out of the Storm Series.  The Eddy is a perfect choice for putting together a small kit for the kayak or when wade fishing.  Truth told the children have been using it a lot lately as well to keep their snacks and drinks in on family paddling trips.


The Eddy is sized at 360 cubic inches which might not seem like a lot but the simple design of just a large zippered gear space area and a small exterior pocket make the best possible use of each cubic inch.  Sonic welded construction keeps the bag innards dry and the only chance of water seeping in would be through the water resistant zippers which I’ve found have worked flawlessly in keeping gear dry.

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Pushing the Limits

by Kurt Finlayson

Every form of competition demands the highest levels of performance from you and your gear. I am a competitive fly fisherman and I travel the country and the world chasing coldwater fish. From day one, I have loved William and Joseph’s super lightweight and tough-as-nails waders. They have survived everything from thorn patches inTasmaniato rusty barbed wire inWyoming. But when I heard about WJ’s inflatable waders, I figured I gotta get ‘em. The waders have a removable air bladder that can be inflated with the pull of a rip-cord or with a blow up valve. I can’t tell you how many times I have wanted to swim a river to pick a fish on the other side. But when you are choosing between getting another fish or casting your last fly, I usually wussed out and played it safe. So I got a pair and figured the next time I was starring down a blank it would be game-on.

Just a few months later, I was fishing with TeamUSAat the America Cup International Fly Fishing Tournament. We were up against some hot sticks from around the globe. The Colorado Riverwas my last venue and it had been pounded over the previous two days. My beat was a stretch of river about a quarter mile long and a couple hundred feet across. The big runoff was still pushing  muddy and well over 2000 cfs. The water at my feet was fishy but I had worked it for an hour without a touch and I only had two hours remaining to get a fish in my net. I made my way out to the middle but the water was getting deep and fast with nothing to hang on to.  The far bank was out of range but the promise of unmolested fish was just too tempting. It was time to shut-up and swim. I put on a jacket, inflated my WJ’s, and  ran to the top of my beat. I waded as far as I could and then stuck my rod between my teeth and started swimming. I made it across the river near the end of my beat and stood up and started casting. A small wild brown cranked my fly and was quickly in the net. I wrapped him up, jumped in the river, and swam across to have my controller check and measure the fish. After a quick release and a high-five with my controller, I ran upstream to go for another swim. I repeated this six more times before time ran out. I was exhausted, but my waders had held out the water and the WSTs had proven themselves.

Every-day pleasure angling may not require this level of intensity but it’s good to know William & Joseph WST waders have your back when the fishing gets tough and the wading gets ugly.

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Using the WST Wader