Jake Mckittrick’s Biography


Guide Business Names: Colorado Skies Outfitters, Parker CO, Frying Pan Anglers, Basalt CO, Crystal Fly Shop, Carbondale, CO.


Number of days fished last year: 336 (I keep daily logs)

Favorite fishing location: Lower Colorado River, Gunnison River, Block Island, R.I., Baja, New Zealand, Keys, Sac. Delta, Denver Lakes (A-Town, Ars., and South Platte).

Favorite fly and why: Most of my flies are secret but I have several available through Solitude including the Jaw Breaker Jig, Carp Craw, Bass-Turd and Deep Tungsten Spinner (available fall 2010).

What Willy J products do you wear? Current Mag series, Conduit boat bag, Confluence pack, Squall jacket, Dynamic waders, inferred thermometer, hemo cuts, nippers.

What is one item you never head to the river without? A fishing license!

Favorite music to take along: Metallica and Tool

Your most memorable day of fishing: Too many great days on the water!

Facts: Fly fisherman can compete in FLW Bass tournaments!

Catch you are most proud of: 7.3 lb Smallmouth, 18.5 lb Wiper, 20 lb Tiger musky and 12 lb Largemouth all caught in Denver.

Other hobbies: Skiing, Flint knapping, Archaeology, Fly Tying.

Devin Olsen’s Biography

Devin Olsen

Name: Devin Olsen
Business Name: Wish I had one, then I wouldn’t be slaving away behind the books.
Number of days fished last year: 115-120
Favorite fishing location: Constantly on the lookout for a new one. My favorite ones tend to be in the backcountry where a little work often pays big dividends. I also have become addicted to British loch style lake fishing so some of my newest favorites are big windy lakes that I can put my little lake boat on.
Favorite fly and why: Day in and day out Egan’s Frenchie catches more fish for me than any other fly. It’s usually on the line when I walk up to a new river and it produces well more often than not.
What Willy J products do you wear: The Confluence chestpack is a great addition to the Riptide hip pack I still have hangin around. The Riptide lets me put the weight of a couple thousand tungsten beads on my hips so the Confluence can take the dry fly boxes and the rest of the lighter stuff. The Drynamic waders also resist leaks as well as any waders I’ve used.
What one item would you never head to the river without: Sun glasses hands down. I keep an extra pair in my chestpack just in case.
Favorite music to take along: On the way to the water I like to rock out to Hair Nation or the Boneyard on XM radio. 80’s hair bands are still the best. Once in a while some older country or even some classical or opera will sneak onto my dial.
Your most memorable day fishing:  Wow that is the most impossible question ever. At this point it might be fishing my first sessions at a World Fly Fishing Championship in Scotland in 2009. Probably the most exhilarating 6 hours of fishing I’ve had. It’s an adrenaline rush for me that is my equivalent to base jumping.
Facts (fishing or non-fishing):  90% of all statistics are 50% correct. Fly fishing is the most amazing thing to do on this planet. That is a fact and not an opinion.
Catch you’re most proud of: Since this is another impossible question I’d probably have to go with my first one on a fly rod which was a big backcountry cutthroat in Yellowstone when I was nine. That’s the fish that started it all.
Other hobbies:  Fly tying, basketball, dreaming about and researching my next day of fishing.

Bio for Cameron Mortenson


Business Name:  The Fiberglass Manifesto and Fishy Kid
Websites: and
Number of days fished last year:  Not enough.  It is a bit depressing how much real life can cramp the fly fishing lifestyle.  I did a lot of local trips (warmwater, coldwater, and saltwater) around South Carolina and North Carolina and then trips to Michigan and Colorado as well.
I’ve already got a long list of trips mapped out for 2010.
Favorite fishing location:   Anywhere considered “Backcountry”.Favorite fly and why:  I’ve really gotten into midge fishing the past few years since it really evens out the game when you are targeting large fish on small flies and light tippet.
What Willy J products do you wear:  All of the Old School line, Current chest pack and Conduit gear bag from the MAG series, and Tech series Escape Pack.
What one item would you never head to the river without:  Lunch.  I used to do trips without food or even water since all I could think about was get to the river and fish.  I would get off the water at dark completely spent.  Those days are gone.  Now part of planning for a trip is putting a good lunch together.  Taking an hour or so during the trip to talk with friends at the vehicle or on the water sometimes means as much as the fly fishing itself.
Favorite music to take along:  Radiohead, Ben Kweller, Regina Spektor, Bright Eyes, Ben Folds, Smashing Pumpkins, The White Stripes, and a long list of other artists.  I also listen to a lot of podcasts as well.
Your most memorable day fishing:  I spent a week in Wyoming a couple summers ago and fished lesser known rivers near Jackson with a friend.  We spent a day on an out of the way creek and I caught a 21 inch Bonneville Cutthroat which lazily rose to a large dry fly on a four weight glass rod and vintage clicker reel.
Facts (fishing or non-fishing):  I have fished fiberglass fly rods exclusively for the past five years in all line weights.  Also I’ve been married for the last ten years to a “Liberated Southern Belle”, two young children, career, and somehow still find time to get on the water.
Catch you’re most proud of:  A few years ago my wife and I were backpacking in the Rocky Mountain National Park and we made it up to a stunning high altitude lake with greenback cutthroats just as a storm was closing in on us.  I had enough time to pick out a good sized greenback cruising the edge of the lake and drop a tiny foam beetle in front of him.  He took and I quickly played him to hand before breaking down the gear and heading back to our tent site two lakes away.
Other hobbies:  I seem to be a hack at a long list of things but my other interests include photography, writing, travel, fly tying, cooking/grilling, and collecting fiberglass fly rods and vintage reels.