Interested in becoming a pro member?

William Joseph Professional Purchase Program

Thank you for your interest in becoming part of the William Joseph Pro Team.  Over the years our pro-staff has become an essential component of our research and development process that helps us to continually offer the most innovative products in the marketplace.  We know that if our products can withstand the demands and abuse that you, as a industry professional , put them through then we have done our job and can sleep better at night.
We also know that you are the trend setters of the industry.  People look to see what gear you are using, from the complete novice to the weekend warrior, they want to look like a pro; therefore they are going to use what you use.
By registering for this program, you become a member of our team.  That membership will allow you access to our products at a deeply discounted rate, limited ‘pro-only’ product offers, and a host of other super cool stuff we can’t tell you about until you are on the inside.
As a member of the William Joseph team, as with any team, there are certain requirements and moderate levels of hazing.  These are all very simple things that will take very little time for you but are invaluable to the continued success of our company.

William Joseph Pro-Staff Requirements:

  1. Provide content for at least 1 William Joseph Field Blog post:  It’s very simple, just go to the Annual Task Page and insert your blog content and photos if available (but please try and add photos as they always make the blog much more exciting).  We will take care of the rest.  Ideally we would like these posts to be fishing or product related, but we are flexible.  We will only post your initials so you don’t have to worry about posting about your buddy who missed at shot on a cow elk at 12 yards.
  2. Complete 4 product Reviews on various websites: Once you have posted the review (hopefully positive, or you’re off the team forever, just kidding, sort of) Just go toAnnual Task Page and copy and paste the URL into the appropriate location.
  3. Complete an end of year Product Performance Review(PPR): Again, this will only take a few moments of your time but it provides us with a wealth of valuable information about how the product performed for you.
  4. Be stewards of fishing and conservation:  We ask that all of our pro-staff members do their part to make sure fishing is portrayed in a positive light.  We ask you to be involved with conservation organizations, hunt responsibly, and leave no trace so that future generations can be afforded the same fishing opportunities that we all have.
  5. Help us spread the virus: If you see an opportunity to promote the William Joseph brand, please do so.  If you need something from us in order to help you promote the brand, please let us know.


Once submitted, your application will be reviewed within 1 week and you will receive an e-mail confirming your acceptance.  This e-mail will contain your unique pro-code, that will allow you to access pro-only pricing on our website, please keep this code and pricing confidential.  This pricing is to be used to purchase items for your personal use only.  Buying products for family or friends is prohibited and will lead a termination of your pro status.  All returns and warranty work must be handled directly through William Joseph, do not take any item back to a retailer for any reason.  We look forward to having you become a member of the William Joseph Pro Team.


I will be applying as (Select Below):

-Guide/Outfitter:  Must provide current guide license and/or check stub from licensed guide or outfitter.

-Police/Military: Select police and military units may be eligible for pro pricing assuming the product is being used in a professional capacity.  Must provide current police/military ID.

-DWR/DNR: Employees-Select DWR/DNR employees may qualify for pro pricing assuming the product is being used in the line of work.  Must provide proof of current employment.

-Outdoor Industry Professionals:Must provide proof of current employment with a qualified outdoor industry company.

-Retail Employee:Must be employed by an authorized William Joseph retailer and provide current proof of employment.