Collin Carlson Biography


Business Name: Finpusher
Number of days fished last year: 150+
Favorite fishing location: Where the fish are biting and the people aren’t.
Favorite fly and why: Hard to choose…Overall, you can’t beat a Joes Hopper. I guess because you can drop just about anything off the back of him, he is easy to see with that big chute on top, and he rides low, which makes for a nice girthy profile that fish can see on either side of my drift lane (this turns alot of lookers into takers). Mainly though it’s because nothing gets me going like the sound a big Cutthroat makes slowly slurping one down. Gotta let the nose dip before you strip it in deep though. I lost several my rookie season jumping the gun or maybe it was because I kept leaving my medication home?
What Willy J products do you wear: How much time do you have? Let’s start from the ground up.: Ok, W20 boots, size 12, Dry-Namic waders, or pants depending on location. It seems like lately I have been in the Exodus pack quite a bit because I tend to bring the sink. I also rock the Mag-Series, Current for small streams and as a secondary on long trips. But my go to bag would have to be the Old School Satchel. It accommodates my standard load of 5 boxes, two lenses, 3 beers, lunch, and a rain jacket as well as the rest of my streamside accoutrement. Nippers, hemostats, flask, mosquito annoyer (they work!), a rain jacket, and I pack it all in a Willy J Wader Bag.
What one item would you never head to the river without: Sun glasses.
Favorite music to take along: I have a few million songs downloaded to my “head drive” that I pull up and whistle while I cast to risers. But more often than not I just listen to the local soundtrack.
Your most memorable day fishing: A good freind and I were lucky enough to be first on the water opening day at a local stream which had been closed for the previous 15 years. We fished for an hour catching only fingerlings and just as we began to grow frustrated I saw a mighty wake! We put our special opps game faces on and army crawled the grassy meadow tossing hoppers at three to seven pound cutts and rainbows until the sun dipped. Those images remain vivid in my mind. Now fifteen years later it is still one of my top five days on the water.
Facts (fishing or non-fishing): 95% of all food is made from corn. I know it’s random but I thought you should know.
Catch you’re most proud of: When I was 11 years old I caught a pheasant with my bare hands. I was pretty impressed with myself.
Other hobbies: Skiing, photography (still and motion), moto (street and dirt), hunting (mainly wing shooting), writing, reloading, tying flies, painting, and I made half of my half acre lot a garden because I love to cultivate.

Scott Donaghe 20 Questions

  1. Most memorable fishing experience? Jumping and landing a 100+ pound Tarpon on literally the last cast on a trip to Belize.
  2. Favorite Willy J Gear? Currently the Exodus pack as it allows me to carry a camera, a few lenses and enough fly gear to make it through the day. Still waiting for a photographer-specific pack from WJ!
  3. Favorite fishing trip? Yearly trips to fish with Corey Kruitbosch somewhere around SLC, Belize Tarpon and anywhere in Baja.
  4. Favorite fly? Currently the Fat Albert in the freshwater and the Surfin Merkin for Corbina in the SoCal surf.
  5. Scariest experience fishing? Towing a 26′ boat for 16+ hours on Baja Highway 1 dodging oncoming trailer trucks, drunk locals and wildlife – all while keeping the trailers right wheels on the white line next to a 5 foot drop off. Puckered…
  6. Favorite fish to chase? California Corbina, Tarpon and just about anything that will eat a fly!
  7. What’s your favorite type of fly fishing? Still water, river, etc.Surf, blue water and rivers.
  8. Favorite time of year to fish? Spring and summer
  9. Favorite music to listen to on a fishing day? Reggae, Neil Young, Pogues, Dropkick Murphy’s. It just depends on the company.
  10. Who introduced you to fishing? I was introduced to fly fishing by my father on a trip to Yellowstone when I was 12 or so.
  11. What’s your favorite rod to use all around? 6-weight Sage Xi2 for Corbina and streamer fishing, 5-weight Sage Z-Axis for all around creeks and rivers, Sage Xi3 12-weights for Tarpon in Belize.
  12. Who is your fishing hero? My fishing hero is still my dad. Even though he doesn’t get to fish a lot anymore, he usually out fishes me and another day on the water with him is priceless!
  13. Describe yourself using 1 word. Mellow
  14. What style of Fishing do you have the most expertise? Saltwater. Beaches and blue water.
  15. If you could do or be anything in the world, what would it be?  I would love to be the guy that found the cure for cancer. But once I cured cancer I would spend the rest of my life traveling, fishing and shooting images.
  16. What would you do if you won a million dollars? Invest wisely (after buying a boat), work on an early retirement plan so that I can travel and fish more!
  17. What’s the most important thing to you in your life right now?  My wife and children and the rest of my immediate family.
  18. Hobbies & Interests? (besides fishing) I am currently way to involved in homebrewing. I just built a new brewery and medaled a few beers in homebrew competition at the San Diego County Fair.
  19. Describe a perfect day.. Sleep in. Have breakfast with the wife and kids. Catch the 10 AM hatch at the river, skiff to the Tarpon flats or panga to the Sea of Cortez. Fish until lunch and get some epic shots. Lunch waterside while telling fishing stories with my buddies. Back to slaying fish and great photos. Dinner and drinks waterside with the family and off to bed. Wake up and do it all again. The only thing that I would add is to bring my kids fishing with me when they have the attention span to fish most of the day! Perfect…
  20. What’s something people don’t generally know about you? Most people don’t know that I like to brew beer and have been doing it off and on for over 20 years. I am hoping to someday parlay this into a job at one of San Diego’s many craft breweries.

Corey Kruitbosch Biography


Business Name: i9 Studios
Website: Fly Fishing - Website Design - Game Development -
Number of days fished last year: 60+
Favorite fishing location: The places you can’t talk about .. That are passed from friend to friend.
Favorite fly and why: Circus Peanut! Rainy’s Grand Hopper and a Adams Irresistible is a nice double combo. Did I say Circus Peanut.
What Willy J products do you wear: Exodus pack! This pack rocks… It is the most comfortable pack I have ever owned. You can hike and fish for 10 hours and not notice it.
What one item would you never head to the river without: Sun glasses … Safety first!
Favorite music to take along: Depends on the mood … Ween, Dead Meadow, Sparklehorse, Sabbath, Zeppelin, Hank III, Eek-A-Mouse .. Whatever is playin’.
Your most memorable day fishing: The summer family fishing trips to Wyoming and the few days I had fishing with both my father and grandfather. Miles and miles of pristine cutthroat water.
Catch you’re most proud of: Grayling on the Big Hole. Snake River Cutties on small streams in Wyoming. Makos in SD. Almost every time I go out I have a catch that is special, but what is really meaningful are the people you fish with!
Other hobbies: Photography (of course) :)