Review of the Willy J Drynamic Waders

Review of William Joseph Drynamic Waders

Jake Mckittrick  

I have been very impressed with most of the changes made to the Dynamic waders.  The 5-layer Dry vent fabric system has unmatched breathability. This was really apparent when I went  Striper Fishing in July in the humid surf off Rhode Island.  Not only are the waders breathable and wick the moisture away from the body, but the lighter fabric causes less sweating in the first place when long walks to hidden Striper haunts are necessary. Although the fabric is lighter, it still does a great Job at keeping my legs and feet warm during those winter tail water trout days. Compared to the first pair I received, I also feel like the fitting is better especially in the thighs and the neoprene feet.  Also, the fit zip design feature really does make getting the waders on and off much easier.  Another feature which may be overlooked that I like is the built in waste belt. With waders I used in the past, I was constantly loosing the belt when I took the waders off and now the built in loops keep the belt attached at all times. The built in gravel guards are great and I often use the lace hook to hold my loop when I tie Bimini twists for my 45 degree nymph rigs (I know it is overkill but my clients never loose the whole rig and are in awe when I tie them). Another feature that has definitely been improved upon are the zipped pockets. The seams are much better than the first generation and the pockets are bigger. I have never had them leak.

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T’is the Season

So it is springtime, a lot of “sane” people think it is winter still and thus are out and about sliding down the various hills on various boards.

But there you sit, looking out longingly at the blue sky, trout on your mind, trying not to look directly at the very white ground outside your house and slowly an idea begins to form in the back of your head,…hell it isn’t really THAT cold out is it??,..I bet once I just get to the water…., what would happen if I tell the wife what I am thinking of doing with this Saturday morning??

And the next thing you know you are getting dressed and packed up and are heading to your favorite stream, not really as worried as you probably should be at the look the wife gives you as you head out the door.

When fishing in these conditions one must think layers, layers , layers,…and yes one must be a bit immune to what others, who might see you doing this, are probably thinking, in the end It all comes down to the right equipment, and that is exactly where William Joseph comes in.

The RT waders, just like the others in the lineup, with their articulated knees and feet, give you enough space to comfortably wear long-johns as well as heavy duty fleece pants over those, a must as you will get into the water eventually, and the new and improved neoprene feet in all the Willi J waders will give you enough stretch and freedom to double up on the socks, now add the fact that everything is breathable and you know you will be just fine once you get through this next “bugger” of a snow bank and finally to the water.

Yes, I actually do guide in these conditions, and do so gladly.

Consider that you have the water almost certainly to yourself and your client, that if the wind is not too bad or you know of a nice protected spot you will actually be nice and warm wearing the right stuff, and that any day on the water is a good good day beating a day in the office by a long shot and you do understand.

The success as well as the failure of your day all comes down to packing the right things for your day and as mentioned having the right equipment to do so is paramount.

For me this means doubling up on most everything, besides the normal things like 15 or so flyboxes, extra rod and reel, leaders, tippets, first aid, and the million other things we carry with us onto the water every day, plus of course lunch. So one for me one for the client, three extra layers of clothing, bottom and torso, for them just in case they forgot something at the car, gloves and lots of food for energy.

Thankfully I fish with the Willi J Tech series in those conditions, without doubt the most comfortable and best thought through and thought out packs on the market today, I guess that’s why the other guys keep on copying this stuff so religiously, albeit be it in pastels.



Room, Room, Room for everything you might ever want to bring to the river, including extras for the clients, along with design that not only eliminates the weight of everything you carry but gives you absolute comfort while doing so in most any conditions, whether you choose the EXODUS or the COASTAL for packing lots of stuff and making sure you have the room to actually store it, or if you pick any of the other packs in the line, the history and background Willi J has in designing backpacks and heavy duty gear for the hard core outdoorsman shows through in stellar colors. It is always a fun moment when the client asks if I am sure that they can’t carry something to help out, as most do, and I get the chance to hand them the whole of the pack, all 30 plus pounds of It, and their eyes widen while they clearly think “thank God I am not schlepping this weight around all day”. Then, with a smirk, I clip it together on them and the patented design makes the weight literally vanish from their shoulders right then and there and puts it on the hips as to where you are not going to be able to feel it at all, and again I smirk as I am able to say, no thank you, I am quite fine not to worry.














So all that is needed after insuring one has the right equipment and packing for the occasion is felt soles that do not attract the snow when wet ( to be invented), a very very understanding spouse (lucky you if you have been able to find one) and just a little bit of luck and you will be sure to have a great day and a new appreciation for your stuff and how it is making your life on the water easier no matter what the conditions might be, as well as for the joys of just being able to be out on the water when others are stuck indoors just wishing,…

Tight lines


My Last Trib Season-Lucas Carroll

Snow Fishing

It’s official… this Spring my family will be moving west to Northern California, so this is my last official GL tributary season.  I’m going to love fishing in the west (I’ve been dreaming of it since I started fly fishing), but I will greatly miss my close friends I have made here in Western NY, and of course the fishing.

William Joseph Jacket

Also official… I am currently filming a winter based fly fishing short movie.  I’ve been working with a very talented filmmaker and musician named Adam Kryder.  Check out our new website for more info!


This winter has been season number two with my William Joseph WST waders, Squall Jacket, and Current chest pack.  This setup remains bomb proof, efficient, and comfortable, even after a two-year beating.  We have had a mild winter this season so far, but the coldest days were still no match for Willy J.


Finally, I had the pleasure of fishing with Matt Smythe a few times this winter.  He put up a nice review of the Exodus pack a while back, and it was great photographing him and the pack on one of the craziest winter days we had all season.

Exodus Vest