Review of the Willy J Drynamic Waders

Review of William Joseph Drynamic Waders

Jake Mckittrick  

I have been very impressed with most of the changes made to the Dynamic waders.  The 5-layer Dry vent fabric system has unmatched breathability. This was really apparent when I went  Striper Fishing in July in the humid surf off Rhode Island.  Not only are the waders breathable and wick the moisture away from the body, but the lighter fabric causes less sweating in the first place when long walks to hidden Striper haunts are necessary. Although the fabric is lighter, it still does a great Job at keeping my legs and feet warm during those winter tail water trout days. Compared to the first pair I received, I also feel like the fitting is better especially in the thighs and the neoprene feet.  Also, the fit zip design feature really does make getting the waders on and off much easier.  Another feature which may be overlooked that I like is the built in waste belt. With waders I used in the past, I was constantly loosing the belt when I took the waders off and now the built in loops keep the belt attached at all times. The built in gravel guards are great and I often use the lace hook to hold my loop when I tie Bimini twists for my 45 degree nymph rigs (I know it is overkill but my clients never loose the whole rig and are in awe when I tie them). Another feature that has definitely been improved upon are the zipped pockets. The seams are much better than the first generation and the pockets are bigger. I have never had them leak.

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