Lucas Carroll Biography



Number of days fished last year:  100+

Favorite fishing location:  A small brookie stream in Northern NY that is miles from anything man made, and filled with hungry native trout.

Favorite fly and why:  Any midge fly #22 or smaller, because they catch fish and they are very easy to tie.

What Willy J products do you wear:  Surge fanny, RT pants, Exodus pack, and Rain Jacket(just in case).

What one item would you never head to the river without:  My camera and macro lens.

Favorite music to take along:  On the drive… anything with a good jam, speed of the jam and volume depends on the time of day and how much sleep I go the night before.  On the water… nothing.

Your most memorable day fishing: The day my daughter reeled in her first trout… she was 2 and _ at the time.

Catch you’re most proud of:  Every picky trout that I’ve spent more than 15 minutes on.  Every fresh steelhead I’ve landed.

Other hobbies:  Guitar, Rock Climbing, Hunting, and Writing.