Kai Echardt

We want to thank Kai Echardt for being a member of the William Joseph Pro Staff. For being part of the team, we wanted to post a little more information about him. Here is a short bio we asked Kai to fill out.

Website: http: //
Number of days fished last year: 200+
Favorite fishing location: living in and on the eastern slopes of the Canadian Rockies, I have 600 miles of the best trout-streams imaginable in a 50 miles radius of our Resort, yes I know ,..poor me and life is hard and unfair,…but I do have favourites that I do not guide on, and the one where I get my Zen the most would have to be “Frenchmanns Creek” ( local speak for..”never you mind where I was fishing today”) think of a stream going for miles with nothing but 10 story high canyon walls, waterfalls, all encased in old growth forest complete with moss banks and a healthy cutthroat population averaging around 16’’ that simply do not see flies for weeks at a time..and yes, occasionally you get the feeling that there should be goblins and fairies.
Favorite fly and why: depending on the month and the water, Klinkhammers, high-top-emergers, Stuie’s, #16 -22,… being a self-admitted snob, I like things that float,….
What Willy J products do you wear: guiding throughout the year The “dry-namics” are my favorite wader out there, the quality is unsurpassed. Guiding, I can load everything we need for the full day with several clients from boxes to lunches to hammocks and their “odds and ends”  into my “ Exodus ” and enjoy the way the load simply disappears once it is on me, to the shock of many a client who didn’t believe me or in Willy J. I wouldn’t know what to do without the mitten clamps and nippers.
What one item would you never head to the river without: and open mind and eagerness to learn
Favorite music to take along: the sounds the waters make is all the tunes I need
Your most memorable day fishing: yesterday
Facts (fishing or non-fishing):  life is short, try and enjoy each day to the fullest extent
Catch you’re most proud of: the current girlfriend, as for fishing,…being teased by a 24+ wild rainbow for the better part of a season in 08’ by having him continuously nose my flies and move them out of the way of his naturals and then merrily continue to feed and ignore me , who finally fell to a # 22 Stuie in the fall.
Other hobbies: Is there time left when you take fishing out of the equation,..??